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Meet Fabrice

Raised in the South of France and working in residential construction, Fabrice has learned there are no shortcuts to building a home that can stand the test of time. Fabrice’s connection to structures and their aesthetics drove him to create renderings and paintings mutually appreciated by Architects and the Art World. Taking his skill to the US in 1999 and landing in Downtown Los Angeles, he found himself surrounded by California’s clean lines and unique facades. It wasn’t long before he was commissioned to create renderings of office buildings and historical landmarks.Today Fabrice provides sustainable solutions that delivers results his clients are looking for. Fabrice’s work is recognized by the AIA, as well as the Festival of Arts, Laguna Beach. 

Our Expert Partner

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Barry Taheri

“California Consultants does not build your building; we make sure it’s built better, healthier and more efficient!”

SoCal Building Solutions’ offering would not be complete without the expertise of Barry and California Consultants. Whether you are a homeowner, designer, or contractor it is an absolute necessity to ensure you have fulfilled all necessary requirements. Forget what you thought you knew about energy savings and California’s new Title 24 compliancy or even the nation’s rapidly evolving code Barry’s team will help you navigate these changing times...