Rolling Hills Country Club --
Rolling Hills Estates, CA  - March 2018
Product(s): Hewn Elements Box Beams in custom color --

Architect: Objekt Designs -- Corona Del Mar

Kung Fu Panda -- Universal Studio
Hollywood, CA - Dec 2017
Product(s): Ludowici Terracotta - Italia in Impressionist blends

Architect: FSY Architects

Completed Projects

The Farms at Malibu Valley
Malibu Canyon, CA - Feb 2017
Product(s): Ludowici Terracotta - LudoSlate in Montpelier Green

Designer: AYC Design -- Arlette cummings

Bandera Restaurant
Corona Del Mar, CA  - May 2016
Product(s): Ludowici Terracotta - LudoSlate in Aged Cedar

Historical Projects

Rolling Hills Country Club - Golf course
Rolling Hills Estate, CA - Dec / Jan 2016 - 2017
Product(s): Ludowici Terracotta - Century Shake in Aged Cedar

Susana Machado Bernard House & Barn

SoCal Building Solutions was fortunate to visit this fantastic house designed by renowned architect John Parkinson. The T12 Spanish tile from Ludowici is still in perfect condition on this 115 year old roof.

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